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Welcome to alt Goddess.  We index some of your favorite Fetish Models, Cosplay Models, Pinup Models, Rockabilly Models, Burlesque Babes, Emo Hotties or any other ALT Talent.  All of these models epitomize the scene that they are a part of.  I have models that you know and love, to models that you might not have even met yet.  We are everything, sub culture centric, dark or sublime.  We are a Visual Dark and Creative Erotica Index and Dark and Creative Erotica Archive.  Lastly,  this concept is the brainchild of renowned foot fetishist, Chaz Fontana.

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Alt Babes and Alt Content Creators

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Alt Babes.  Alt Content Creators are a direct result of the internet 3.0!  What an exciting time.  Being in the goth scene myself for most of my life, it seems like I’ve always been around women like this.  I appreciate women who walk to the beat of a different drummer.  This Alt Babe and Alt Content Creator Directory is for those women.  We index websites to the many beautiful social media darlings of the Alt world.  Please don’t hesitate to bookmark us and enjoy your stay with us!

Cosplay Babes and Cosplay Content Creators

We wouldn’t really be an alt directory if we didn’t have the world of Cosplay Babes and Cosplay Content Creators fully represented here.  Most of the models are a part of a subversive scene already, which just makes their art ore interesting.  I love the world of fantasy and most of these cosplay models are ridiculously good!  See for yourself!

Alt Porn

These alt porn sites shoot, primarily if not exclusively, models that are all tatted up or pierced or belong to a certain sub culture.  You won’t be getting any “wholesome” models here, but isn’t that the whole point?

Fetish Porn

A Fetish is the objectification of an object or part of the human body.  Some of the niches featured are everything from smoking to balloons or rubber.  Trust me, there is a wide variety of handpicked fetish sites for you to explore here.


We don’t mess around when it comes to BDSM Porn, we feature both dominant as well as submissive websites that deal with everything from sensory delights to the depths of consensual pain.  Please enjoy these handpicked BDSM sites.

ALT Babes on Social

This ALT Babes on Social directory featured nothing but the prettiest ALT Babes from social media sites like insta, twitter and more.  In the past couple of years, a huge swell of alt women are now able to get their names out there and we’re here to showcase them.

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An image that, in my mind, epitomizes this niche.

Loretta RoseAlt Tatted Goddess Xmas
Visual Babe Archive
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Fall 2021 / November 23 – You’ll notice that I’ve added two new libraries, “Metal Babes” and “Tattooed Babes”.  Not much there at the moment but in the next coming months, I have lots more content creators in these niches that will be going up.  Happy Holidays All!

Alt Goddess Update Archive

Hot Net Babes – is the sister directory to us.  If you are wanting more “wholesome”, mainstream erotic models, this visual erotic babe directory was made just for you!

Into women’s feet?  Check out Foot Adoration, maybe sheer pantyhose, stockings and nylons are your thing?  Sheer Porn has exactly what you’re looking for.  We also LOVE busty models, check out Big Chested Models for some of the hottest up and coming busty babes.  If you like your women with a little meat on their bones?  Check out Busty BBW Porn.  These visual erotic directories are only a taste in our quest to index the erotic web.

S&M is as psychological as it is physical and sexual. Imagine being as deep inside a woman’s mind as you are inside her body..
Tiffany Reisz

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