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Because some people out there just kinda have no clue about the hell my erotic directories and links pages are all about, this FAQ should answer most of your questions.  There is information for both surfers of my network as well as the content creators that make everything happen.

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alt Goddess FAQ’s for Surfers

Because some people out there just kinda have no clue about the what the hell my erotic directories and links pages are, this FAQ should answer most of your questions.  There is information for both surfers of my network as well as the content creators that make everything happen.

What is altGoddess?

alt Goddess is a live art installation, my flagship alt/fetish links directory, with pretty hand picked content creators, but with my own twist on the whole thing.  Those are the content creators I post here.  Think of this alt creator directory like all of my other concepts, I am visually forward and the way these creators are indexed, they are a living art gallery to this world of fetish play and subversion.  At the end of the day, that’s really all that matters to me.

Why the same design on the Directories?

This framework is so fucking custom, and it’s mine, I partially coded it and this GUI brings the vision I have in my head of these women directly to what I want you to see.  Does that make any sense?  It’s lightweight, fast as fuck and it’s just beautiful.  It also makes me kinda unique since you can see my work and know that it’s me behind it usually.

Why the music and the “radio”?

Music is powerful, it conveys a mood.  And I’m usually jamming out when I’m indexing so why not share some of my playlist for you.  When I was younger, I always wondered what other fetishists were listening to.  So yah.  For the mood of the musical tastes, I’m an ex goth kid, I like it hot and dark, usually.  No if I’m playing lucifer, that doesn’t mean I’m a devil worshipper or whatever, lol.  If anything, I’m running to the light if something weird happens, I just like the band and they happen to have that name.

Why are your creators “handpicked”?

Because every creator around the world thinks she is a Goddess and she is..  I’m a “woman worshipper”, it’s hard to say no, and I’m definitely not going to ruin someone’s day by saying their content isn’t up to par.  It’s just easier, posting creators that I like and have already formed connections with.  But at the end of the day, someone’s gonna be offended, but that’s the short story.

Why can’t I download anything?

Because it’s not my content, my job is to point you in a direction..

How do I search for a particular content creator or niche?

I have my primary categories and my tags.  Please note that I have like 80 tags, I can only post 50 though on the sidebar.  If a creator is a “shy foot model” but she is a coed, that will be tagged.  So your looking in the “coed feet” index and can’t find what you want, please check the tags, clicking a tag will be a new search with creators that you might not have seen, that are coeds.

Sometimes this alt directory loads slow

I currently don’t have a CDN because I can’t afford it really.  Please feel free to help out if you surf us on a regular basis.  Also the creator pages have a shitload of promotional media on them, so give it a minute to load if you are waiting.

alt Goddess FAQ’s for Creators

…Because you’re probably wondering why your content is here.  Also because you probably think I’m a scammer or something nefarious like that.  I’m not any of those.  My name is Chaz Fontana and I’m a foot fetishist.  I saw you online via your social media page(s) and figured you might enjoy some free organic traffic, well, forever.  My network has launched the online careers of over 200 content creators.  I’m blessed enough to have over 8 million surfers passing through the gates of my network per year.  I also have over 4ooo erotic creators indexed, covering over 130 different niches.

I’ve been on the net since 1995.  My first erotic links page was with Digital Divas Online if any of you remember that.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, to be honest.

What do you get out of it?

The fact that your brand is on record now with promotional content.  For generations, decades into the future, to rediscover you, keep giving you sales for your brand and you being on a respected niche fetish directory, where all of the content creators are “hand picked”.

Exposure, the possibility of going viral.  Having your community vote on your brand, so you can see how you and your competition are doing comparatively.  What this directory can do for you also directly corresponds to your effort.  I match it.

If you’re indexed here, i’d also love to extend an invitation to fly you out and work with you.  I’m a foot fetishist, I love pretty women with sweaty feet.  Basically the shoot is capturing your feet and deeply smelling your feet and worshipping them after your flight.  These are all day shoots, fly here and back home the same day.  Yes these shoots are compensated as is your flight to and from the midwest, your booking fee and I do have references.

What do I get out of it?

  Hopefully breaking even on my network every month.  It’s expensive, having a dedicated server with the bandwidth and everything else that comes with that.  Doing you right, even though i’ll probably never meet you.  Having this Directory has changed by views on society.  Did you know that even though I have over 4000 content creators listed network wide, I’ve only received 19 “thank you’s”.  ..Horrible.  I don’t ask for it, it just says alot about the person i’m sending traffic to.  If you don’t want to be on this party train, please just fill out my DMCA form.  Seriously though I have so many content creators wanting a place here, please give your place up if you do not want traffic, or you don’t give alt Goddess a shoutout, link, etc. you will eventually be removed and blacklisted.

“I’m not listed with you, but would like to be”

There’s a good chance that I might not have seen your work if that’s the case.  Please do feel free to send me an email, I’d like your social media url or link tree, please give me a week or so to get back to you.  You can mail me at your leisure.

I still have my link tree but I’m in the 404 creator index?

If you have a “linktree” but you pulled all of your social media links, to me that means that you’re not using me anymore, but would still like my traffic.  ..yeah no.  That’s not going to work.  I really get nothing out of sending you traffic for years on end.  If you like my traffic, please email me and I will work something out with you.

What’s a Good Content Creator?

I look for creators with nice, clear properly focused images and HD video promotionals at a minimum.

not “meme hell”, save that for your personal page please.  If there are 400 images and only 3 of them are you, I mean.. really?  I’m not scrolling through all of that and neither will my surfers.

If your social media page is locked, I can’t follow you to join it, I just don’t have the time.  Also if you have your accounts private, you probably don’t want librarians like me changing that and I respect this.

If you are using fake bokeh, lots of filters, etc.  It’s kinda annoying and I list on a case by case basis.

You have to have some sort of passion, don’t “go through the motions”.

Please PLEASE STOP putting your kids and freaking pets in the backgrounds,like why?  Ok I get it if something is special, post wise, fine.  I thought that common sense would have said something to your (inner voice).  But no I gotta freaking explain it, come on, really?  Blah. :(. I will not post you if you have that sort of crap all over your page.  Separate your life from your hustle plz.

You have to seem like you’re a nice person. (this point really matters to me).  I don’t want to be inadvertently putting “toxic creators” on the map.  Especially nowadays, everyone’s seems so selfish on the day to day.  I don’t want to be a part of that.

I don’t care about followers, you can have 5 followers, have passion and kill the niche you’re slinging and I’ll put you on my front page.  I give creators chances to succeed.  It make’s me sleep better at night to know that I’m doing my part for this niche in my own way.

Ethnic creators, please feel free to submit your page if you are not listed.  I don’t see color.  Racism is retarded.  Anyone of any ethnicity is welcome.

DMCA Penalty

If you have DMCA’d this directory, I will not list you again, ever.  It’s a “slap in the face” really.  I gave you nothing but traffic and visitors and then you turn around and get my domain in trouble.. yay :/.  You can pay for it though.  If you would like to be re-indexed, but are on my blacklist, this price is 500.00.

What is “ongoing indexing”?

I revisit your brand every couple of years and provide my surfers with new promotional material that they might dig as well as telling you how proud of you I am for you staying online. 🙂

What I won’t promote

I don’t post “trans’ anything.  I have no passion for it

I’m an oxy moron I know, but bad mouthing God is just ridiculous and I won’t have creators here that are bashing God all of the time.  I love God and I take it personally when peeps talk shit.  Also I’m not gonna be going to hell for loving women’s feet, areolas, labia, etc  soo..  Best to just leave religion out of it imho.

Reach Out

Hey all, any questions, concerns or just to say "Hey", just shoot send me an email and i'll get back to you, ASAP.

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