Alt Goddess Update Archive

Welcome to my Alt Goddess Update Archive.  Here, you can see all of the updates that I’ve been doing in regards to growing this brand as well as the ongoing indexing of some of the Hottest Alt Babes that the internet has to offer.  Check back if you haven’t surfed us in awhile and we’ll see you on the main babe directory.

Summer 2021 / July 9 – Welcome to version 5.8.  Lots of enhancements here with this version.  If you surf my other visual directories, you know which changes I’ve made. ;).  Adding my Alt Babe Archive this evening as well as a new wall and a ton of new sites.  Hope you are all well, this will take about a week to complete, and I am updating in conjunction with Hot Net Babes, our sister site.  So please pardon the mess as I round out this visual alt babe concept!

Spring 2021 / May 10 – Welcome to Version 5.7, image display upgraded for devices.  New Galleries are now “Image click” to scroll.  Galleries also have a slide show option as well as a built in magnifier with the lightbox now.  Also mobile navigation and the general mobile surfing experience with us is refreshed.  Lastly, some minor design tweaks have also been implemented.

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Hey all, any questions, concerns or just to say "Hey", just shoot send me an email and i'll get back to you, ASAP.

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