Blonde Crusher, ya know, I hd such high hopes for this one, when I originally saw her and decided to put her in the que.  But taking a closer look, ya know, here we go!  Content quality is kinda the only thing i’m worried about here as well as her price point.  She really needs to upgrade her camera or whatever she’s using to take pictures and capture video.  She also shouldn’t be charging for content of this low quality.  I mean she’s catering to sexual deviants, if anything we want our stuff in super high definition.  We crave more.  I’ll check back in a couple of months. and see how she’s doing.

I thought she was pretty.  I’d love to smell her post workout feet for awhile.  She has lots of positive qualities as does her brand, but this needs to be fixed.  Please enjoy the traffic, Goddess!

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