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You are at our alt Goddess Archives page.  Sites listed here have been 404 for awhile, sometimes decades.  But they were here and at times at the top of their game.  It’s extemely important that if you dig this community, to support the content creators who help make this community happen in the first place.  These were the pioneers of our community.  This is page two.

Violet Erotica

This Alternative Model is absolutely beautiful!  She shows every part of her perfect body, including those sexy feet of hers for you.  All shot in a variety of settings.  She is a very stunning alternative looking model.  Nude?  Even btr.

Fuck you Paul

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this Hot ass Alt girl wants to teach her ex a lesson.  She shows it all folks!  Click away and enjoy, my fine surfers, you will not be a sad chicken after seeing this model in all her glory!

Francesca Dani

Absolutely fucking beautiful!  Francesca Dani is also a performing artist and cosplay artist as well.  She is a performer and model.  God, what a face!  Beautiful!  Actually one of the most beautiful alternative models imho.

Nena Blue

Absolutely Beautiful Erotic Gothic Photography to be found here!  The sets are uber elaborate and the owner definitely has a passion for the subculture.  WoW!  I would say it is one of the few Boutique Gothic Erotica sites online.

Liz Vicious

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…  It’s a Goth Reality Site!  Liz is a “baby bat” who is in the Porn Industry.  She is also very cute, a cut above the rest, or she wouldn’t be here.  She has a rocking body and pretty cute feet to boot.

Chloe Dove

Chloe is English and the way she does her makeup is absolutely beautiful!   This goth chick loves giving people head in front of the camera it seems.  She has a cute “Mod” look to her that make me hot.  Go ‘n get it.

Starla Rocks

Starla is pretty fine.  I really like her look.  She has the face of a succubus and you just know she’s got some good smellin feet.  I have a foot fetish, lol.  Anyways, a girl that I would feel good about, just hanging out with.

Masscha Fetish

Masscha is a European Goth Chick.  And the people in the scene in Europe just can’t get enough of her.  Her cute, little Gothic Site is definitely worth checking out.  I love her piercings.  She looks good with them on 🙂


This is a very Erotic Gothic Website and the model that is primarily featured is beautiful!  She is featured in many different looks, most of them dark!  Apeatic is just a well designed, quality Gothic subculture website.

Xanthia Doll

One of the Hottest Goth Chicks around.  Too bad she’s taken already:(  I love the size of those big areolas of hers and she has the face of an angel.  A fallen angel at that 😛  Regardless, very worth the price of entry imho.

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